We've created a series of practical workshops and talks in creating interactivesustainable and digital theatre. 

To book just send us an enquiry here.

We've delivered workshops and talks for Hall For Cornwall, In Good Company, Puncture The Screen Festival, AMATA, UEL, Ulster Uni, Liverpool Hope, Bedford Uni and Anglia Ruskin University.


We also were invited to guest lecture on University of Creative Arts' MA Module 'Digital Performer' creating a bespoke series of practical lectures/seminars.

Any talk or workshop can also be accompanied by a private performance of our digital show The House Never Wins for a discounted rate. 

Practical Workshops

All our practical workshops can be delivered either online or in person and have a capacity of 25 individuals.

Playing with Choice- Creating Interactive Theatre


This practical workshop explores how we create interactive theatre that

gives audiences genuine choice and agency.


Using different exercises we’ll cover:


-How to ease an audience into interaction and inspire them to play.

-How to create choices that have real consequences

-Creating ‘rich' interaction not ‘poor' interaction

-How to respond to different audience dynamics

(including how to deal with audiences who try and ‘break the game’)


The workshop culminates in everyone creating their own short interactive pieces.


Runtime: 5 hours in person / 2.5 hours online.

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Reducing Our Impact- Creating Sustainable Theatre


An introductory workshop for producing and creating sustainable theatre; giving you tools / new ways of working


We are passionate believers that creating work with a smaller carbon footprint does not have to limit your creative ambition.

This workshop will allow us all to explore what it is to put environmentalism at the heart of your practice and look forward, to what changes we can make to the creative sector.


Available both online and in person..

Runtime: 2 hours

We also run bespoke workshops/consultancy for theatre companies tailored to your needs, drop us an email to find out more.

Adapting For Online- Creating Digital Theatre

This practical workshop explores how to create digital theatre and view the constraints of the digital medium as a creative springboard rather than as a lesser art form compared to in-person theatre. Now that in-person theatre has returned,, what can we keep from what we have learned about making theatre digitally, what can digital theatre give us moving forward?


Using different exercises we’ll cover:

-Creating digital pieces via phones, video chat and audio recordings.

-How to keep and direct an audience’s attention when not in the same physical space

-How to use the audience’s own home/ location as part of your artistic ‘set' - even when apart.


The workshop culminates in everyone creating their own short digital pieces.


Available online only. 

Runtime: 2.5 hours.

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2020 taught us a lot about adapting work for the digital realm.

We've put together a few talks for us to share some tips and tricks of what we've found out along the way.  

Adapting for Online

Perfect for anyone making digital work. Covering everything from the tech, access and the audience experience. 

(60-120 mins depending on preference)

How to Produce digital work

We talk about general self producing tips, and about running your own theatre company with a focus on how to produce and market theatre for online audiences- including how to manage a digital ‘tour'. (60 mins)

Digital Theatre: Making the playable political We talk through our process to using interactive and game theatre techniques to produce politically engaged work. We also talk through our approach to adapting theatre for a digital realm, including how to make digital performances accessible. (60-120 mins depending on preference)

 "This was a brilliant session for our BA Drama students which helped to raise their confidence in making work for digital audiences. The session was lively and enthused, but also meticulously planned, covering the audience journey, access and technical issues, and top tips for interactive and online performance.

All undergraduate makers facing an online landscape would benefit from this talk"

- Heather Lilley,  Course Leader for Drama and School Lead for Learning, Teaching and Assessment at Anglia Ruskin University