Sized Conversation 


“She comes to my door and tells me she’s been diagnosed with depression and I think– not this again”
My friend.


My sister. 

My step-dad.
A piece about
mental health and offering support.
About not getting it right all of the time.
But trying.


Upper Circle


London Theatre 1


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Razz Mag

Performed in unconventional theatre spaces such as pubs, cafes, hospitals, universities, offices and even an abandoned boat warehouse.

'One of the most informative, effective and inventive pieces of theatre I’ve ever seen' 

London Theatre 1

Directed by:

 Dylan Frankland

Dramaturgy by: Madeleine Allardice

Performed and devised by:

Dylan Frankland, Rosa Day-Jones

and Tobias Grace.

'Totally human, and raw, and urgently, desperately necessary...

one of the most uplifting and touching moments of theatre I have seen in a long time’

Upper Circle

With thanks to  Katherine Lea, Megan Luke,

Kelly Bray,

Helen Callaghan,

Beth Clarence,

Alice McGregor and Ryan O'Grady

for their collaboration and support.

'The subject matter may appear dense for some and suggests a dark and dreary work would follow.

However A Pint Sized Conversation is absolutely not that. It is witty, clever, anecdotal and real, not to mention enthusiastically uplifting’

Ask The Ushers