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We’ve got some exciting plans for 2023 - firstly that we’re going to be going back into R+D for our new show Keep The Lights On (originally commissioned by the wonderful Chronic Insanity Theatre last year for Puncture The Screen Festival). 

We're currently looking to meet people from the following disciplines to join the team:

-1 Creative Technologist (ideally London/ South West based)

-2 Performance BSL Interpreters ( 1 Exeter based & 1 London based) 

-2 Technicians (Exeter/ Plymouth based)


Keep The Lights On is a hybrid interactive piece that explores our energy usage & asks why we should care about the climate amidst a cost of living crisis. Online and in person audiences fight to control the show’s energy supply, with the online audience trying to turn the lights off in the theatre whilst the in person audience battle to avoid experiencing the show in complete darkness by powering the show’s lights through a bike generator!




It’s a big technical beast of a show with audiences joining from 2 separate theatres in different locations as well as an online audience - all of whom are connected to each other live via video link and can directly effect each other’s experience. So we’re looking for an experienced Creative Technologist to join our team to help bring this mad project to life!


We’re looking for someone who is interested and excited to help us work out solutions to:


-the challenges of an interactive hybrid piece across multiple locations

-making an exciting interactive live stream experience 

-exploring sustainable ways of an audience generating power for the show using bike generators and other forms of tech


We have some ideas already from our scratch performance last year, but need someone with more technical experience to help us improve these (or tell us when we’re barking up the wrong tree and that there’s a much better alternative method).


Fee for the R+D is £1800 (to cover 12 days at at a £150 day rate)


We’re still waiting on confirmation of funding so this is just a callout for us to meet people and have an informal coffee (in person or on zoom) so that we can hit the ground running when we get the all clear. Currently the timeline is for the R+D to take place in Feb and March but if the ACE gods are not forthcoming then this timeline will be pushed back.


Ideally we’re looking for someone based in London/ the South West.


If interested just drop us an email to to say hi with a link to a CV/ portfolio/ website and a couple of lines about a previous project you’ve worked on. 

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