Thank you so much for joining us to play The House Never Wins.

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The House Never Wins is operating on a 'Pay What You Decide' ticketing scheme, giving audiences a chance to experience more exciting and new theatre.

Obviously these are uncertain financial times for everyone at the moment so we do not want finance to be a barrier to attendance so if you are able, (and only if you are able) you can make a donation of what you think is suitable based on your experience via our Pay Pal link here:

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For those wanting to know more about the climate crisis and the science of where we are right now: 

Extinction Rebellion: The Truth

David Attenborough Climate Change: The Facts


We know climate crisis can be overwhelming and difficult to process- the CPA have some amazing resources (and a brilliant podcast as well). They’re also running climate cafes online (a safe space to talk about the climate breakdown and our fears surrounding it) Check them out there:  

Climate Psychology Alliance:



For theatre makers wanting to make more eco-friendly and sustainable theatre Staging Change have some great tips and resources here:


The House Never Wins Credits:

Originally commissioned by Upstart Theatre as part of DARE Festival 2019. Supported by Arts Council England, Shoreditch Town Hall, Camden People's Theatre, Ovalhouse and Maketank. 

Created by Dylan Frankland & Madeleine Allardice

Performed by Madeleine Allardice

Tech by Dylan Frankland

Producer: Turtle Key Arts

Set and Costume Design: Erin Guan

Trailer: Michael Lynch

Poster Design: Keir Cooper

End audio: Caroline Hickman in conversation with Verity Sharp.  Extracted from  'Climate Change, Grief and Hope'- episode 1 of the Climate Psychology Alliance's podcast series: Crisis Conversations, ‘Catastrophe or Transformation’. 


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